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Per the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, employers are required to meet mandatory health and safety standards in their place of business. As a business owner, your first step to ensuring a safe work environment for your employees is being compliant with all OHSA regulations.

Templar Life Safety solutions strongly support compliance with the OSHA General Duty Clause Section-5(a)(1) regarding prevention of violence. However, there are currently no standardized federal policies or procedures regarding Active Shooter Events (ASE) as there are with fire and tornado emergencies.

The responsibility and liability for how you respond to a traumatic event, including an ASE, rests with you as a business or community leader. Having no, or poorly conceived policies, procedures, or reaction strategies in place is no longer acceptable in today’s day and age. We all share a moral responsibility to prepare for and be able to respond to the ever-increasing number and severity of these types of events.

For the sake of your children, staff, worshipers, and family, contact us today so we can advise you on how to be prepared to deter, defend, defeat, and triage if and when the need arises.


Traumatic events cause very serious problems for businesses when they occur. Reduced production, lengthy store or facility closure, and post-event stress can cause drops in production, attendance, or even employee flight that can cripple any business.

Templar Life Safety provides a suite of security and triage solutions to keep employees safe and enable them to respond immediately in the event that something unexpected occurs.

Our Rapid Response System™ with patent-pending hardware, software, and proprietary training programs will prepare your staff to respond to any emergency situation from a medical emergency to an Active Shooting Event (ASE) providing on-site, real-time tools and support until EMS or law enforcement arrives.

The cost to protect your business with our system could be significantly less than the costs incurred from the aftermath of a traumatic event, including an ASE.

Our strong belief is that we must all be prepared for what we hope will never occur. Don’t wait, contact us today to learn more about what Templar Life Safety can do to protect you, your employees and your business.


At Templar Life Safety, we understand the inherent vulnerability that malls and large shopping centers have for those that would do harm to the innocent, also known as Active Shooters. We provide retail businesses, libraries, hospitals, malls, and other public places with a full suite of security and triage solutions to keep employees and patrons safe.

The key to reducing casualties in any ASE is to provide the proper tools and training to you and your staff so that trained individuals can take decisive action. Our patent pending Rapid Response System™ permits a faster, more effective response than any available system in the world today.

We can secure weapons on site while having them readily available for a rapid response, eliminating the needless risks associated with an armed security staff.

Our core line business is to prepare your staff and/or security personnel to address an ASE, thereby saving lives and reducing additional casualties by applying prompt trauma care. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide a solution customized to your needs.


Never Ask If You Could Have Done More.

Templar Life Safety was conceived by concerned professionals who realized the need to better protect our children and employees.


The current state of affairs in society has highlighted the threat of attack against innocent people because schools, shopping centers, places of worship, and businesses are not fully prepared and protected. At Templar Life Safety, we provide a suite of barrier, rapid response, and triage solutions to keep children, employees, and the public safe should an unexpected traumatic event occur, including an Active Shooter Event (ASE). The presence of our products and systems in your facility, office, or home, can not only deter an intruder but provide you the ability to defend against and defeat the assailant. Additionally, our life safety products and training can help you effectively triage the wounded, saving lives that otherwise could be lost.

Templar Life Safety is a Michigan based, Veteran owned business offering customizable and scalable security solutions with built-in redundancy to ensure maximum uptime. Templar has developed a proprietary Rapid Response System™ that can teach members of your staff how to act quickly, work alongside local law enforcement and first responders, and defend your facility. Should a traumatic event happen, your staff will be able to immediately address a security breach and protect those in danger.

Templar is a single source provider for security solution integration and life safety products. In addition, we offer integral hands-on training for your staff, so they can properly address a security threat or medical emergency. Our solutions are specifically designed to secure your building, protect innocent people against a threat, reduce response times, and ultimately, save lives!

Templar Life Safety was conceived by concerned professionals who realized the need to better protect our children and employees.

    ​​​The Rapid Response System™ Provides:
  • A Unique Solution
  • Faster Response Time
  • Reduced Loss of Life
  • Deterrent Effect
  • Anonymity of Responders
  • Dynamic Vetting Controls
  • Firearm Security and Retention Solutions
  • Lower Cost Alternative
  • Local Law Enforcement Integration & Coordination

Templar Life Safety was conceived by concerned professionals who realized the need to better protect our children and employees.


Templar Life Safety was formed with the goal of ending Active Shooter Events (ASEs) in our country's schools. We believe, first and foremost, that no parent should ever have to worry about the safety of their child while at school. Our passion extends to protecting innocent people wherever they may be. We now provide a solution for ASEs in schools, healthcare settings, houses of worship, businesses, manufacturing, and elsewhere. Our overriding goal of saving lives drives our business and our technological development.

    ​​​To that end, we believe the following core values
    exemplify Templar Life Safety:
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Honor
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Fairness
  • Service
  • Safety


Templar has received the support of industry experts, as well as key decision makers in various markets.

The videos below provide expert testimony and endorsements validating why Templar solutions save lives, as well as providing information on current market challenges and strategies.

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Templar incorporates best-in-class products from a select group of industry leading partners.


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